In the focus of upcoming season: wide trousers…

In the focus of upcoming season: wide trousers… More »

Madewell brand with relaxed combinations this spring!!!

Madewell brand with relaxed combinations this spring!!! More »

Golden shoes trend this season….

Golden shoes trend this season…. More »

Ricardo Tichy street aesthetics on “Givenchy” replaced with glamor…

Ricardo Tichy street aesthetics on “Givenchy” replaced with glamor… More »

PHOTO: “Patrizia Pepe” urban collections for spring / summer 2014…

PHOTO: “Patrizia Pepe” urban collections for spring / summer 2014… More »


Sleek and modern combinations for trend girl…

Look at these gorgeous the combinations that are a perfect choice if you want at the same time look fancy, modern and sexy.

Combinations that bring these beautiful girls can wear them in different occasions, such as meeting with the boy, the first day of a new job or a party. Take a look!

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Most popular trends for Spring / Summer 2014…


From the beautiful pastel colors and short coats, to beautiful flowers and translucent materials let me take you through the most popular trends for next spring…

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Irresistible men and their cute pets….

What could be more interesting than a gallery with sexy  representatives of the stronger sex?

Well, of course – those same characters combined with their cute little pets. Look at this cute gallery!

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Dresses OF Lupita Nyong’o…

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Swimsuit from “MOEVA” for summer 2014…


Dutch beauty presented a new collection of swimwear brand Moeva London for the summer of 2014.

The attractive blonde model wearing bikini which highlighted the strong femininity of the costumes, and sexy, sensuality and elegance.

Take a look at the gallery.









Do you like this PRINT???

Animal prints are not out of fashion, and this season, as in many previous, they are one of the leading trends. With regard specifically to leopard pattern, can be found on coats, dresses, shoes, belts, handbags …

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Shirts are unmistakable choice for any occasion…


When Miss Chanel stole the men’s closet and gave them to the ladies, shirt slowly but surely becoming compulsory and mostly classic fashion piece in the wardrobe of every woman.

The shirts you can do whatever you want. Depending on your creativity and your wishes can combine various pieces of clothing and accessories creating their own distinctive style.

White shirt as one of the most can take you from desk to bar with just one simple step! She is definitely a classic that can be compared with little black dress.

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World stars such as Victoria Beckham and Alexa Chang skillfully combine this classic piece of new modern ways. Borrow a their stylish tricks:

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ELIE SAAB: Autumn / Winter 2014…


The designer of the famous Elie Saab presented new colleges ready-to-wear Fall-Winter 2014/15.

Saab once again proved why he is a favorite of stars often wear his dresses on important events. His creations look even better than the red carpet on the runway. See the full collection gallery and be inspired…

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Elegant bridal dresses in the style of Kate Middleton!!!


When Kate Middleton appeared in wedding dress with a lace on Alexander McQueen, shopping for wedding dresses immediately experienced the effect of Kate.

The ladies all over the world started looking wedding dresses with lace, while the world’s designers and beautiful models offered by this sophisticated material.

In addition to our gallery will find the most beautiful and most elegant wedding dresses with lace…





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