Manolo Blanik shoes

Classical expression by the famous designer Manolo Blanik shoes continues to fascinate its loyal customers with a luxurious collection for spring-summer of 2014. Inspired by the colors of spring and summer, new creations include a range of picturesque hues and intensive tones. More »

Madewell brand with relaxed combinations this spring!!!

Madewell brand with relaxed combinations this spring!!! More »

Golden shoes trend this season….

Golden shoes trend this season…. More »

Ricardo Tichy street aesthetics on “Givenchy” replaced with glamor…

Ricardo Tichy street aesthetics on “Givenchy” replaced with glamor… More »

PHOTO: “Patrizia Pepe” urban collections for spring / summer 2014…

PHOTO: “Patrizia Pepe” urban collections for spring / summer 2014… More »


Trends in Jewelry – Summer 2014!!!


Jewelry has transforming power. And the simplest outfit can experience transformation and stylish turn in outfits worthy of admiration with a few carefully chosen pieces of jewelry.

Do not allow the charging boxes for jewelry remain forgotten. Shine in the sunlight during the summer nights distinctive jewelry, inspired by the strongest fashion trends.


Pearl jewelry is a classic symbol of elegance. “Blamed” the fashion houses Chanel and Dior as timeless pearl jewelry rapidly recruit more and more fans. When it comes to modern pearls, size is important – Prefer big pearls or a sumptuous mix of pearls in different sizes. Pearls have the edge of sunglasses and chic sneakers..


2.(PINK) “Gold”

Jewelry with golden glow reached the peak in popularity, but also captivates the pink gold with a delicate sheen. Pieces jewelry with gentle gold and rose-gold hues shine in the sunlight and highlight good bronzed complexion, and deserve a place in your collection.



Last year imposed as a mandatory fashion challenge for brave girls, and now have an important place among the trends. Earrings that follow the contour of the ear signal for rebel audacity and charm. Completely enough to wear a earring when your hair is picked up or have stylized extreme side parting.



Rings in the past arranged in the lower part of the fingers, but now string along the finger, even on nails. Do not hesitate and merges attractive combinations.



High temperatures require lighter clothing to undress the body. Without hesitation this summer cover neckline and bare back and decorate it with jewelry. You do not have to buy new jewelry, they simply reallocated chains and necklaces and instead play on the chest, let them hang behind you…



Keep in mind the color of the precious emerald in the next shopping. Jewelry in green color does not deviate its place among the trends…


PHOTO: Sophisticated bridal dresses Rosa Clara – Collection 2015!!!


Romantic wedding dresses from the new collection of Rosa Clara are created with the idea to accentuate the delicate beauty of today’s modern, cosmopolitan woman.

Designer Rosa Clara not skip traditional voluminous dresses in princess style, but emphasized female sensuality through models that gently hug the body. In dresses Feels influence on the style of the legendary Grace Kelly, and the style of the 20′s and 40′s. Dimmers fabrics and precise set crystals and floral applications speak of refinement and elegance..

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Top 25 jeans in white for spring / summer 2014…


White jeans this summer is an absolute hit, so if you want to follow the trends, then you need to have at least one pair in your closet.

See what patterns of white jeans can be found in most stores and most popular in the country and choose the one that you like best.

White color is one of the primary colors for every season spring / summer, and this year white jeans can be found in various models. Almost all designers in their collections include white jeans, and usually can meet tight and fitting models, and the popular “boyfriend” models borrowed from the male wardrobe …As for combinations, they are easily combined and can be worn as a sexy and extremely high heels, and with your new sandals ..

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TOP 5 of shorts from the high fashion for Summer 2014…

Look at these five beautiful shorts for spring / summer of 2014…






Top 30 overalls for spring / summer 2014…


In the past period can often see famous Hollywood girls wearing overalls interesting.

Among the most famous are Alessandra Ambrozio and Nicole Ricci who chose this retro look for special moments, while Rihanna wore mostly monochrome overalls when entertaining in the city…

Overalls are “must-have” when summer comes, and the advantage is that this year they come in many varieties, colors and forms. But if you still do not know what model to choose from all shop windows, here are some brief tips:

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Sandals which are hit on the “Instagram”


Although on look is ugly and do not have touch with the current fashion item, Teva sandals are very topical on “Instagram”. These unisex sports shoes, which have a new, minimalist look, obviously the exception to the rule that the trends initiated on runways, Editorials or blogs. They posed as a trend through this social network to share photos with the retro-effects.

It is a sandal that were first brought to market 30 years ago. Over the years more were worn by men because of their bulky, but slowly penetrated in women’s fashion, primarily because of convenience. They are ideal for long walks and trips. Probably you have often seen on the feet of foreign tourists on the beach, that comfort is a priority, before design.





Two different bracelets paired for summer chic look!!!


In recent seasons unconventional jewelry dominating in fashion, as massive necklaces, forms of insects or pearls displayed a completely unexpected way, but a chic option of combining two different bracelets on one hand is what we recommend for the upcoming summer. But diversity does not mean incompatibility, however, there should be a stylistic match in terms of materials, choice of metal or design style…

If you select a bracelet with an emphasis on big stones such as lapis or coral, the second shall be less attacked. One bracelet be with massive design, the second with the slimmer look. If you want pieces with the organic, almost unfinished look, both be with such a design. To be clear, here are some illustrations of the idea.






In the colorful world of Manolo Blahnik…


Classical expression by the famous designer Manolo Blanik shoes continues to fascinate its loyal customers with a luxurious collection for spring-summer of 2014. Inspired by the colors of spring and summer, new creations include a range of picturesque hues and intensive tones. Gold, white, turquoise blue, dirty pink color of cherry fruit, tangerine and raspberry, and green as green apple, this is a complete wealth of colors.

In terms of form, the designer proposes classic low shoes, colorful sandals, and since not stand “platform” models in it can be found only thin and feminine heels. The Blahnik recently collaborated with the actress Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoe collection by her design.






Business shoe collection “Charlotte Olympia”….


A special line of shoes designed for modern business women called “From 9 to 5″ of the British brand “Charlotte Olympia” which stands behind Charlotte Dellal, can now be found at online shop Net-a-Porter. Designer focus on shoes with a classic silhouette inspired by the ’50s, with modern elements in a combination of suede, bow and transparent effects…

Every one of the models of this collection is accompanied by a special socks and box shaped briefcase, designed to fit the interior of each office..









New collection of “Converse” and Martin Mаrgiela


Fashion Hause of Fame designer Martin Margiela will stand behind another collection of sneakers from urban brand footwear, “Converse”. After the success of the autumn collection, which is offered in a leading solution for the classic sneakers, now the French fashion house Maison Martin Margiela creates new shoes that will be merged innovation and recognizable style of both companies. The collaboration involves improving the design and quality of the cult white models All Star Chuck 70′s and Jack Purcell. The models will use ultra soft leather that will make them more resilient and comfortable shoes.




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